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Product Care

We want your items to last as long as you need them so please read the advice below for caring for your product.


* Be sure to protect your jewellery and/or other FunkyLaser products from knocks.

* Store jewellery items in the gift boxes provided by ourselves. 

* Laser cut acrylic, perspex and wooden products, whilst generally hard-wearing, will snap if bent. 

* Please be careful not to put any pressure on your products. We cannot replace items that have been mis-treated. 

* Try to avoid wearing your jewellery when cleaning as harsh chemicals may damage your goods.

* Keep your jewellery and other acrylic, perspex and wooden products away from harsh chemicals.

* Regularly touching or rubbing your jewellery may make metals dull or even remove plating. 

* To keep your silver plated jewellery clean and shiny, rub very gently with a silver cloth.  

* Cake toppers - please make sure you wash your acrylic cake topper in warm soapy water and then rinse before use. Gently press your cake topper using the spikes into the cake to avoid breaking.