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Our modern Hen night headbands and accessories add extra fun to your party. Chose from a wide selection of ‘Bride’, ‘Bride to be’ or ‘Bridesmaid’ headbands and share the fun. Why not treat your girls to our ‘Team bride’ or ‘Beastie’ headbands as a sweet memento? 

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Colourful Bride Floral Headband

A classy alternative to hen party accessories and a twist on the bride to be sash, this floral headband features bright flowers with the word “Bride” in cast acrylic.
£19.99 incl tax

Bestie Headband

If you’ve been searching for inspiring best friend birthday gifts, this fabulous novelty headband is a brilliant way to show your BFF how much you love her.
£15.99 incl tax

Bride Party Crown

No need for a hen night party sash, try a flower crown , one size fits all!
£18.98 incl tax

Bride Party Veil Headband

Quirky & Modern 'Bride to Be' Party Headbands.
£19.99 incl tax

Bride To Be Colour Mix Floral Headband

This "Bride To Be" tiara is sure to match her outfit with a multitude of colours.
£19.99 incl tax

Bride Wedding Veil with mini crown headband

Make sure everyone knows who's hen night it is with this quirky "Bride" Headband.
£19.99 incl tax

Bride White Floral Headband

A modern yet modest alternative to the bride to be sash, this floral headband features elegant white flowers with the word “Bride” and is ideal for hen parties.
£19.99 incl tax

Bridesmaid Headband

These handmade novelty hairbands are perfect for your hen party, make sure everyone knows who your hens are!
£15.99 incl tax

Hen Girl Tiara

Make sure everyone knows who's hen night it really is with this quirky Hen Girl Headband.
£19.99 incl tax

Let's Party Bitches Headband

Perfect for any hen do or girls night out!
£15.99 incl tax

Team Bride and Bridal Floral Crown Set

Party the night away and celebrate your bestie getting married!
£72.99 incl tax

Team bride Headband

Perfect for any hen do! Who's team are you on?
£15.99 incl tax