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Design Service

Are you a creative artist, designer or business?

Our design service offers you advice and assistance for all types of design projects. We can help you create and develop your ideas all the way to the final product, ensuring that you are always happy with the outcome. 


Our set up and design fee starts from as little as £29.00 per hour, this often also consists of a selection of small samples (depending on the product type), proof CAD drawings and correspondence emails etc. If you have a vector file that needs no work, this will reduce your quotation fee.


Laser machines will only recognise vector files, so a suitable vector file will make your quote cheaper. We do not charge any setup fees if a vector file is supplied ready to use.


If you are having trouble preparing your artwork for your laser project we can help you with this as part of the design set up fee. You can email or post your drawings to us, and we will convert your drawing ready to laser.


Email your design image(s), vector files or any other information that you have to [email protected]


Send in as much information as you can, the more information that you pass onto us the quicker we can respond with your tailor made quote.


Things to think about:

What is your intention for use?


Designs with text / typeface name.

Materials (MDF, BirchPly, Cast Acrylic, Clear Acrylic, Mirror Acrylic, Glitter Cast Acrylic are all in stock, we can get other materials in too).



Label details cut/engrave

Holes for hanging


Our turn around time can range from around 3 to 10 working days for smaller / simpler orders, for bigger jobs please do get in touch for a quick quote and time scale.




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Design Service Payment

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