Gift Guide - Gifts For Him

Gift Guide - Gifts For Him

 Do you struggle just as much as us to find gifts for the men in your life? Whether it's your husband, boyfriend, father or brother... there's never anything they 'want' or 'need'.

It's even harder to pick something out for them if you're trying to surprise them. I would be thrilled with something as simple as a pyjama set, a candle or a face mask but finding the male equivalents is a task in itself. 


We're here to help your quest in finding the perfect gift for the man who has everything.

We've picked out some of our favourite products from our catalogue which will hopefully be the answer to your prayers.



There are links underneath each photo to take you straight to the product to make it even easier for you :)  


1. Wall Mounted Beer Bottle Opener Plaque

We know it may be a little cliché but most men do love their beer!
Due to the global pandemic and a nationwide lockdown of pubs, we've seen a huge rise in the amount of DIY home pubs/bars; whether this is a dedicated room in the house or a purpose built shed or garage conversion! I've never seen my husband so excited about interior design before, he even had his own Pinterest board!
This wall mounted plaque is perfect... It's multi-functional after all! They can use it as a bottle opener as well as being a sign to let everyone know who's bar it is!


2. Stainless Steel Hip Flask Gift

 We promise these won't all be drink related but this stainless steel hip flask is great as a gift for any time of year.
It's stylish and practical and can be personalised with any text you want... it doesn't just have to be for weddings.
You can also add a small funnel to your order to make it easier for them to pour their favourite drinks inside. 



3. Novelty Golf Mug

Do you have the best grandad by far?
This novelty mug features a golf related pun which may be a bit cheesy but I'm sure whoever your intended recipient is will appreciate it.
You can personalise this with any name so it doesn't have to say grandad; it could say dad, hubby or even a first name.
Being a golf widow myself, thanks to my husbands new found hobby, I know how obsessed people can get over the sport so anything golf related is a win win in his eyes. 


4. Leather Card Holder

This leather wallet is slim and compact which is great for the man in your life who just likes to carry round a few cards and not have a chunky wallet to fit into his pocket.
You can personalise it with their initials for a lovely finishing touch.
If you're wanting to go the extra mile and add something special you have the option to add an acrylic card inside which you can personalise with a short message.  


5. Photo Magnet With Message

 I love having family photos on display in my home but don't always want to cover my walls with photo frames so one way of doing this is by having photos printed onto magnets and sticking these on my fridge.
This magnet is a gorgeous gift and can be personalised however you like.
It could be a photo of your partner with his children or a photo from your first date or wedding day... it could even be a photo of him and his beloved pet!
Add a short message on the bottom and voila... you have yourself a lovely keepsake for a special man in your life!


6. Walnut Wood Car Keyring

This car keyring is a great little gift to ensure your man doesn't misplace his keys when scrambling out the door on a morning.
We have our car keys right next to each other as well as our spares nearby so at least this way, my husband will know straight away which keys are his... especially if, like many, you have the same brand of car so have keys which look alike.
This keyring comes with a small wooden car which can be personalised as well as a slim brown leather strap for a classy finish.


7. Novelty Cricket Fan Ceramic Mug

Just like our golf mug, we have a few other sport mugs within our collection. This cricket mug, again, features a cheesy pun and reads 'Have a wicket day'.
It's a lovely reminder every time they pick up their mug and will hopefully bring a smile to their face. 



Hopefully that's given you a few ideas for what to buy the men in your life.
We'll be adding a few more gift guides in the run up to Christmas so keep checking back for more inspiration! 

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