Easter Crafts

Easter Crafts

Half term is fast approaching so we've compiled a list of our fun Easter themed products that will be great for keeping your kids occupied over the holidays. 


There are links underneath each photo to take you straight to the product to make it even easier for you :)  



1. Personalised Easter Themed Baking Activity Gift Set

This apron and baking set is perfect for your little one to help out in the kitchen and bake some Easter themed cookies! 

The apron features an adorable bunny and can be personalised with your child's name. The set comes with a mini rolling pin, spoon, spatula, chopping board, pastry brush and a bunny shaped metal cookie cutter.

All you need now is the ingredients and you're ready to go. 


2. Mini Easter Baking Cake Stencil Gift Set

If cakes are more your thing then we've got a few options which are great for decorating them. First up is our Easter stencil set which includes a pastel yellow chick stencil and a pastel orange carrot stencil; these can be bought in a variety of sizes. 

You can purchase these as two mini stencils which are perfect for cupcakes, two large stencils for decorating larger cakes or you can purchase one size of each! 

All you need to do with these is sprinkle icing sugar or cocoa over the cake with the stencil on top to reveal your cut Easter shape on your cake! 



3. Bunny Ears Easter Cake Topper

Second up is our bunny ears cake topper set! This is a very mess free way to decorate a cake and doesn't have to involve baking if that's not for you. These toppers have small spikes which you just need to press into the top of your cake.

These can be ordered in four different colour-ways; white and baby pink, grey and baby pink, white and bubblegum pink or grey and bubblegum pink. 

If you're feeling adventurous you could even decorate your cake with icing to make it look like a bunny and the ear cake toppers are the finishing piece! We have an amazing photo on our product page from Afternoon Crumbs to show an example of this.  



4. Children's Easter Cupcake Decorations - Set of Six

Lastly is our mini Easter cupcake toppers. These are great for adding a finishing touch to either homemade cupcakes or store bought ones! 

You will get two lovely bright yellow ducks, two light pink bunnies and two sweet little lilac lambs in this set.

This is another easy and mess free way to decorate some food over the Easter holidays that your child can help with.  


5. Easter Fruit Skewers

Our last Easter themed activity is perfect for anyone who wants to find a fun way to get some healthier foods into their kids. Easter is very much focused around chocolate so trying to get your child to eat some fruit may be a harder task than normal. 

Our acrylic skewers have been laser cut to look like a carrot and Easter bunny and can be made in a variety of different colours. They're great for making fruit look more appealing or if you're not bothered about that then you can always pop marshmallows on them and dip them in chocolate!  




Hopefully that's given you a few ideas for activities to do with your children over the half term break to keep them occupied whilst also having fun!


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