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Blogger Workshop

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Loyalty and Friendship

 It’s so nice to build business (and friendship) with customers. However, true customer loyalty makes my job such fun. It’s great to keep seeing the same clients come back to you time and time again.

Susie from SKCakery, produces bespoke cakes and cupcakes for weddings, celebrations and, well, any other occasion that you can think of. When I receive an email from Susie I know this jobs going to be a fun one, and sometimes a little challenging.

Susie’s cakes are divine and are true works of art.  Some of her creations are just too good to eat, if you ask me! I have worked with Susie on several projects supplying her with custom-made cake toppers, and I can honestly say that she really cares for her clients. Her craftsmanship and level of detail that she puts in to her work is amazing. You can see form these amazing cake photos how stunning they are, and believe me, they taste every bit as good!

Susie’s business has outgrown her home kitchen, and she now has a purpose build design studio (I think I’d like to live in there!).  Check out her instagram page, it’s not only full of cakes but amazingly shot photos too!



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Exciting things are happening here at FunkyLaser! Everyday we receive so many wonderful orders and unfortunately, we can't put them all on our website. So, we have decided to hold an 'order of the week' competition!

We will choose our favourite order each week (a very difficult decision) and the winner will receive a special treat from us! But most importantly, the winning product will be posted on our social media sites for you all to see.

The amazing ideas and final product designs that we see go through our company everyday are too good to be true!
We hope that you all enjoy being able to see these fabulous orders as much as we do! #orderoftheweek

 P.s. Isn't Leah's home office so cute? We have covered our new office in these fab tassel garlands thanks to Angie over at Tassels and Tails


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So, What's new ?
We have just moved offices and joined forces with some new lovely staff. We have created two new jobs here in the North East, Mandy is our Customer Relations manager (she has just joined the team last month) and is happy to help with any queries that you may have. Leigh has also joined our team and she has been appointed our Head of Creative Development. If you have a design in mind, Leigh will be more than happy to help develop it further.
Recently, Leigh has been designing some new jewellery pieces that we think are pretty awesome and right on trend. When we saw this product design of the Triangle Trio Necklace, we instantly loved it and couldn't wait to cut it and put it together! This beautiful necklace has inspired us to create a new range surrounding this style.  Our quirky Lady Face is one of our new etched and inked designs that Leigh also developed.
Basically... we love it and couldn't wait to share it with you!
Here's a picture of our PR manager, Mell, wearing the Triangle Trio and Leigh wearing the Lady Face - neither wanted to take them off!


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Welcome to Funky Laser's Blog!

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