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About Us

Funky Laser Ltd is a small, family run, design and manufacturing business based in the North East of England.
Throughout the team we have a passion for beauty and strong family values which motivate us to create beautiful products for all occasions. Specialising in unique laser cut products, whether you're planning your dream wedding, your child's first birthday, or simply want to treat yourself to something special, we will work with you to create something completely bespoke.
All of our products are handmade in our studio, everything can be personalised to suit your needs. We make the impossible, possible.
We use industrial sized, high speed laser cutters to process your orders and design ideas. This means that we can do this with very little waiting time! We cut and engrave for a wide range of laserable materials.
Our experienced design and manufacturing team is able to develop your artwork and work with you on your projects even if you are unable to provide complete designs. For more information on our design service, have a read through our specialist page or give us a quick call on  01429 870424
Our specialist areas are: 
* Architectural Models & Model Making
* Fashion
* Branding
* Display & Signage
* Stencils
* Props
* Plastic Cutting & Engraving
* Wood Engraving
* Wood Laser Cutting
* Custom Cake Toppers
* Custom Jewellery
We also design for a wide range of businesses, and are often commissioned by creative individuals. Everyone is welcome!
Have you got an idea for a product? Get in touch with us, we would love to hear from you!
These are just a few of our clients...